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Putting the site on hold

I see no other choice but putting the site on hold for a while; my health is been rather up and down this fall, and now I’m actually looking at the wall I’m going to hit if I don’t do something.

I see that I am unable to update the site and any of my plugins or themes, I’m also unable to offer any support and answering emails.

So; I’m putting the site on hold for I do not know how long.

Email is not working

Update Oct. 24: The email is working again, I’m actually not sure what went wrong.

I just discovered this, but email is not working.

So if you have sent me an email and I haven’t replied means that I haven’t gotten your email.

Until I have this figured out, people may use my gmail: kristin{dot}wangen{at}gmail{dot}com

And remember that you may use the forums if you need help with anything.

Silence is golden?

As people probably have noticed it has been almost two months since I wrote anything on this blog.

The main reason is that I’ve been ill almost all autumn, so when I’ve been able to do something I had to try to catch up with school-work.

So I just have to blog when I find time and have something to blog about.

I’d also like to have the new theme ready by the time WP 2.7 is launched.

“As soon as possible”

This is just a message to everyone who send me email etc. :

I’m trying to answer as soon as possible; but this might take a little longer that “right away” these days with school and all.

I hope people understand.

The future of WordPreciousss

As one of the main functions of WordPreciousss is coming in WordPress 2.7 (allowing template files in Child Themes), I’ve decided to break the plugin up into smaller plugins and one theme (to rule them all (??)).

The plugin has a lot of code that easily can be redone to smaller plugins; you can have the global templates plugins, precious skinner, precious theme switcher.

So I will discontinue to develop WordPreciousss in it’s current state, and I will probably move everything to it’s own site on

But feel free to download the current version to teach yourself to play with Child Themes.

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (33/08)

The Weekly Digest is a bit late this week as I had a rather tight schedule past weekend and last couple of days. The Weekly Digest usually comes out on Sundays, when there has been any updates on WangenWeb, so if you don’t want to subscribe to all posts, feel free to subscribe to the Weekly Digest.

This week on WangenWeb

This weeks Web Treasures

Next week(s) on WangenWeb

I’m not sure when there will be updates on WangenWeb in the future, as I’m going back to school tomorrow, becoming a full time student. So future updates will depend on time alone.

Plugin Update: WP Contact Form III v. 1.6.2b

Version 1.6.2b of WP Contact Form III is a security update, and I encourage everyone who use the plugin to upgrade.

Download WP Contact Form III 1.6.2b

The new version of the plugin requires at least WordPress 2.6

I really hope I’ve fixed all security issues with the plugin this time, and I have to admit that if there is any other issues, I do currently not have the knowledge to fix it. But the plugin is more secure now than what it used to be.

And a special thanks to Pascal Birchler for reporting the security problem.

Update Aug. 17: The version 1.6.2d on WordPress’ Plugin Directory is the same as this one (1.6.2b), - I messed up when updating the plugin as I’m still learning to use SubVersion.

WordPreciousss’ loop templates

WordPreciousss’ loop templates is a special feature with WordPreciousss, and you can look on them as mini-templates that you may include in normal template files for your theme or skin.

The feature is a legacy from WordPreciousss as a theme and was kept to make it easier to create a basic theme and to create normal template files for a theme.

And just like other template files the default loop templates (located in /templates/precious/loops/) can be overridden in a theme or a skin, but in themes they need to be located in a subdirectory called /loops
WordPreciousss’ loop templates continued

WangenWeb Weekly Digest 32/08 - Summer edition

WangenWeb Weekly Digest comes out every week that has been an update on WangenWeb. If you not want to subscribe to all posts you may subscribe the Weekly Digest to keep yourself updated.

This is the Summer edition of WangenWeb Weekly Digest.

This summer on WangenWeb

I started the summer with announcing I would take a blogging break, but wasn’t able to do that entirely.
WangenWeb Weekly Digest 32/08 - Summer edition continued

The forums has been reinstalled

I’ve reinstalled the forums, so now you can get help with my plugins, themes and WordPreciousss online again.

I’ve also included a support forum for MiniBlog It!, as I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain more than one support forum.

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