After a month of work I’m happy to present WangenWeb, which is the new home of my WordPress plugins, themes and articles.

The site is a merge of and WP Stuff/ One Woman Show, and using the old urls of these sites should lead you here to

Code is magic?

I actually find a bit magical that you can just write a little code snippet like body { background:#000; } and make an entire website to appear black.

It is something magical in writing <p>some text</p> and actually produce a paragraph with “some text” in a html-document.

And when it comes to programming, that’s when the real magic begins;

WordPress is just tons of php codes, and all these lines of codes create a tool that you can use for writing content on a website. And just that it is possible to do that, that’s pure magic.

People who create scripts, software, operating systems etc. are our time’s wizards.

And WangenWeb will be dedicated to the magic of html, css, WordPress and my own “spells”.

Comming up

What you can expect in the near future of WangenWeb is:

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