WordPress is turning five today, and I actually couldn’t resist to download version 0.71 Gold just to take a look at it.

I actually didn’t install it, as I really don’t think this was a “famous 5 minutes install” as the config file is a year long or so. That file alone tells me how much WordPress has matured since it’s early days.

All the options you now find under Settings was all located in the config file in that early version. - I’m happy all we now have to get right is the DB Name, User and Password.

In a way WordPress is much like other five year olds; you have learned to walk, learned to talk and speak up for yourself.

You have even thought yourself fancy words like “Widgets”, “Rich Text Editor” and “Flash Uploader” that needs to be explained to the older people because they’ve never heard of it before.

And just like all other five year olds, you have a lot of brilliant ideas, and rarely think that something can’t be done. And if it can’t be done, it’s just because your parents said so.

So I wish WordPress a very happy birthday, and I hope we’ll see WordPress around for yet another five years.