Precious Skinner was a previous a part of WordPreciousss, but as a lot of thinking I’ve decided to launch this as separate plugin.

Things you should know before downloading Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta:

Precious Skinner is a modified version of the Skinner Plugin, and your should really head over to Windy Road and donate some money to this brilliant plugin.
It is just brilliant, and the Precious Skinner just extend the options you have in making a skin.

This is a beta release, which means it’s just for testing and playing around. I decided to release it for you, because there’s possible there is things I’ve might missed.

This version of Precious Skinner is coded against WordPreciousss 3.0 and will not work against earlier versions.

And what does it do? It let you customise a current theme any way you like. This includes adding new template files to your skin that will override your theme’s template files.

I will write a more indept article on this later, but now, I really want people to try it out. It is, as said a beta release:

Download: Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta