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This week on WangenWeb

This week’s Web Treasures

  • WordPressMU News: WordPressMU 1.5.1 is out:
    I think everyone who runs MU-powered sites has been waiting for this since WP 2.5 came out. So this is great news.
  • Blogging Article: Lorelle on WordPress: When a Comment Requires the Honest Truth:
    Being Norwegian I feel that I sometimes is too strait forward and are coming out more harsh as I actually meant to, as our language don’t have so many shades of saying things. So found this article very useful as it illustrates several ways in saying/ writing the same message.

Next week on WangenWeb

In time of writing I’m not sure if there will be many updates on WangenWeb for the next couple of weeks as I have a home exam I need to focus on.