Fake MU Plugins is a simple plugin for standalone WordPress that let you test if a normal WO plugin can work as a sitewide plugin on WordPressMU powered sites.

Download Fake MU Plugins

This plugin is useful if you don’t want or can’t install a WordPressMU site somewhere just for testing.

The plugin will let you mimic the behaviour of how plugins work on WPMU site, by letting you upload plugins to a directory called mu-plugins instead of the normal one (plugins). The plugins uploaded to the mu-plugins directory will be run automatic and will be what MU-people call “sitewide plugins”.

So with this plugin you can quick and easy see if your plugin can be used as a sitewide plugin on WPMU.

Now, there are several reasons a plugin won’t work, - and this is the way it works on WPMU, so it’s not a bug in the plugin:

  • Plugins stored in a subdirectory won’t work.
  • Plugins with hardcoded paths will break - eg. if your plugin is looking for a file in “wp-content/plugins/myplugin/” to be able to work, it will break

And you can’t use “Fake MU Plugins” for testing plugins that hooks into MU specific code.

For info on installing etc. see the plugin’s homepage