This week’s weekly digest is a special edition as I’m proud to present WordPreciousss 3.0.


I’ve worked on this edition since Marsh this year, and as already mention earlier this week there’s a lot of changes between 2.1.3 and 3.0 as it’s a total rewrite of the plugin.

The most important changes are:

  • Ability to have several global template sets for your themes (a Sandbox edition is coming up)
  • Ability to add normal WordPress theme templates both to the template sets and child themes - Note: custom page templates are loaded by custom keys
  • Ability to create custom single templates
  • Many old template tags has been deprecated in favour of precious_get_file and precious_include_file
  • the old loops templates are moved to /loops but can still be added to the root directory of your theme
  • the template tag precious_comments has been made optional, which means if you want to use WordPreciousss default comments.php template, you can just delete the one that’s found in your theme.

And there’s much, much more.

The most important thing is that no theme has to be special made for the plugin like it used to be. And I suggest you should try a play a little around with it after installing 3.0:

  • Go to the classic theme and delete comments.php and see what happens.
  • Copy WordPress default’s single.php to wp-content/templates/precious and look how the classic theme now behaves on single view.
  • Create a child theme of “Precious” and add a new sidebar.php or what ever template file you like, and see what happens.

WordPreciousss is for theme playing, so download and start playing.

Anyway, the following pages has been updated to reflect the new version:

I’ve also updated the CSS Play theme, and written a new install & upgrading page

Other news on WangenWeb this week

No linklove this week (sorry!) as I haven’t to be able to read any blog posts properly, and I really don’t want to recommend anything I’ve just have taken a quick glance on.