Version 3.0 of WordPreciousss is almost ready and I hope I can launch it by the end of next week.

This is a total rewriting of the plugin and will have support for real WordPress Template Files, which in basic means you can have a global single.php, comments.php or even custom page templates that all themes use unless they have their own.

This is especially good on WPMU sites, where maintaining sometimes hundreds of themes can be rather time consuming.

You can also have several sets of template files, as I’ve moved to definition of “MYOWNPATH/ URL” from the main file to a theme’s function.php file. That way you can pick another set of global template files and use for your theme instead of the default one.

And WordPreciousss 3.0 will also have the option of adding normal template files to child themes. This is actually a feature Ian Stewart at ThemeShaper is trying to get into the WordPress Core.

So with the next generation of WordPreciousss you will have several options and levels of setting up and customize a theme (or hundred if you like) for your site.

Other features 3.0 will have is:

The ability to have custom single templates. If you use asides on your blog, you can force this to look different even in single post view. This is done by creating a template file called single-asides.php and use custom fields.

Only two functions for “getting” and including files. If you head over the template tags overview for WordPreciousss, you see a lot tags called “precious_tagcloud”, “get_precious_header” etc.

Most of these will be deprecated and replaced by precious_get_file($filename) and precious_include_file($filename). This way you don’t have to look up the right template tag to use.

Want to include “mysuperduperfile.php” in your header? Just use precious_get_file('mysuperduperfile').

Have you stored the file under a directory called “coolfiles”? No problem, you don’t have to move it to the theme’s root folder. Just use precious_get_file('mysuperduperfile', '/coolfiles/index.html')


The best part is that if I don’t like the content of your mysuperduperfile.php file, I can just create a new one and either override it globally for all themes that make use of your code, or just for a child theme.

The main difference between precious_get_file and precious_include_file, is that precious_get_file only include a file once, eg. it needs to be used outside the Loop.

Well, this is just some of the features that’s coming up, and there will be more in depth on this later on. The plugin still needs some more testing, but as said, I do hope to get it ready by the end of next week.