I’ve created a plugin only package of WordPreciousss, which can be used when you don’t want or don’t need a global template set.

The plugin only package can also be useful if you rather want to create your own global template set, instead of those coming with the full package of WordPreciousss.

And last but not least the plugin only version is useful if you only want an easier way of customizing themes and don’t care that much about making new once.

The plugin only version can be downloaded from WordPreciousss’ plugin page.

Alternative version of Precious and Precious Child Themes

I’ve created an alternative version of WordPreciousss’ default theme “Precious” you may use with the plugin only package. The alternative version holds all the template files included in the template set “precious”.

By using the alternative version you may delete the default template sets (”precious” and “myown”) without breaking the theme.

I’ve also created alternative versions of CSS Play and Faded Pink, now as Child Themes of Precious.

None of them will work without having either normal or alternative version of Precious installed on your site.