Version 3.1.1 of WordPreciousss is really just a bugfix of WordPreciousss v. 3.1b, so if you don’t have any trouble with 3.1b there’s no need to upgrade.


To upgrade from 3.0 or 3.1b it’s just to unzip and overwrite the old files. Also see Install & Upgrading WordPreciousss.

WordPress’ default themes for WordPreciousss

I’ve created a theme package with WordPress’ default themes that has support for WordPreciousss.

There’s also a WPMU edition of the package, where the home theme is set as a Child Theme of the Default theme.

The normal themes should work without WordPreciousss installed, but the home theme for mu won’t.

New Precious Theme: Faded Pink

Faded Pink Screenshot And last but not least I’m proud to present the very first real (I don’t count CSS Play as a real theme) special made theme for WordPreciousss:

Faded Pink

This is a feminine, greyish pink/ beige two column theme, with rounded corners and elastic width.

The theme requires at least WordPreciousss 3.1 to work.

Download - Demo