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Putting the site on hold

I see no other choice but putting the site on hold for a while; my health is been rather up and down this fall, and now I’m actually looking at the wall I’m going to hit if I don’t do something.
I see that I am unable to update the site and any of my [...]

Silence is golden?

As people probably have noticed it has been almost two months since I wrote anything on this blog.
The main reason is that I’ve been ill almost all autumn, so when I’ve been able to do something I had to try to catch up with school-work.
So I just have to blog when I find time [...]

“As soon as possible”

This is just a message to everyone who send me email etc. :
I’m trying to answer as soon as possible; but this might take a little longer that “right away” these days with school and all.
I hope people understand.

The future of WordPreciousss

As one of the main functions of WordPreciousss is coming in WordPress 2.7 (allowing template files in Child Themes), I’ve decided to break the plugin up into smaller plugins and one theme (to rule them all (??)).
The plugin has a lot of code that easily can be redone to smaller plugins; you can have the [...]

The forums has been reinstalled

I’ve reinstalled the forums, so now you can get help with my plugins, themes and WordPreciousss online again.
I’ve also included a support forum for MiniBlog It!, as I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain more than one support forum.
Visit WangenWeb forums

The forums is not working properly

The forums on this site is not working properly for the moment, as WP 2.6 don’t play along well with bbPress.
So until I find a solution feel free to email me if you have any problems, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

New free blog hosting service: MiniBlog It!

I’ve set up a new free blog hosting service called MiniBlog It!.
What MiniBlog It! has to offer is free mini blogs, which is suitable for everyone who wants more writing options than Twitter, but less than a real blog.
The site uses a heavily hacked version of the Prologue Theme, and I’ve created several colour [...]

Summer break from blogging

I’ve decided to take a summer break from blogging at WangenWeb as I have some other projects that need my attention, and I also want to spend some time to look through the outdated plugins and themes and try to update the most of them.
And last but not least the rest of my familiy will [...]

What’s coming in WordPreciousss 3.0

Version 3.0 of WordPreciousss is almost ready and I hope I can launch it by the end of next week.
This is a total rewriting of the plugin and will have support for real WordPress Template Files, which in basic means you can have a global single.php, comments.php or even custom page templates that all themes [...]

Happy birthday, WordPress!

WordPress is turning five today, and I actually couldn’t resist to download version 0.71 Gold just to take a look at it.
I actually didn’t install it, as I really don’t think this was a “famous 5 minutes install” as the config file is a year long or so. That file alone tells me how much [...]