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Adding support for WordPreciousss in normal WordPress themes

If you are a Theme Author or you just want to use the benefits of WordPreciousss in a normal WordPress theme, there are some basic things you need to do to add support for the plugin:

Support for overriding header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php
Adding support for overriding misc. template files
Renaming your custom page templates
Adding support for Precious [...]

Creating WordPress Child Themes

A Child Theme in WordPress is simply a “style only” Theme, and is easily made by adding Template: themefolder to your style’s header.
The basics of creating a Child Theme
If you want to create a Child Theme to Basic2Col your style.css header will turn out:

Theme Name: My theme
Theme URI: http://mysite.tld/
Description: My Basic2col Child Theme
Version: 1.0
Author: Me
Author [...]

Custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss

How to use custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss

How to replace comments.php with another file the simple way

This tutorial was written with plugin authors in mind.
I’ve been struggling for a while to make WordPress use another file than the comments.php file that comes with a theme. In my case it was to be able to have a global comments.php file that all themes use, unless that have their own.
In WordPreciousss this [...]

Basic2Col: Using an image for header

Ever since I launched Basic2Col in March 2006, people have asked me how to replace the headertext with a banner, - and still make it link to home.
The latest version of the theme (3.0.x) let you do exactly that, and what you need to do is:

Upload the image you want to use to /wp-content/themes/basic2col/gfx
Open style.css [...]

Creating a basic theme with WordPreciousss

How to create a basic theme when having WordPreciousss installed on your site