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Plugin only package of WordPreciousss

I’ve created a plugin only package of WordPreciousss, which can be used when you don’t want or don’t need a global template set.

The plugin only package can also be useful if you rather want to create your own global template set, instead of those coming with the full package of WordPreciousss.

And last but not least the plugin only version is useful if you only want an easier way of customizing themes and don’t care that much about making new once.

The plugin only version can be downloaded from WordPreciousss’ plugin page.
Plugin only package of WordPreciousss continued

WordPreciouss 3.1.1 and themes for WordPreciousss

Version 3.1.1 of WordPreciousss is really just a bugfix of WordPreciousss v. 3.1b, so if you don’t have any trouble with 3.1b there’s no need to upgrade.


To upgrade from 3.0 or 3.1b it’s just to unzip and overwrite the old files. Also see Install & Upgrading WordPreciousss.
WordPreciouss 3.1.1 and themes for WordPreciousss continued

Adding support for WordPreciousss in normal WordPress themes

If you are a Theme Author or you just want to use the benefits of WordPreciousss in a normal WordPress theme, there are some basic things you need to do to add support for the plugin:

Support for overriding header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php

Out of the box WordPreciousss are able to add or replace theme template files like page.php and single.php etc. in any Child Themes or Skins, however there are three files you can’t do this with unless you add support for it:

  • header.php
  • footer.php
  • sidebar.php

Adding support for WordPreciousss in normal WordPress themes continued

Theme update: Basic2Col 3.1.1

Basic2Col has been updated to version 3.1.1, and this version has better support for creating Child Themes to customize it, and there’s several files you can override without any special plugins.

But I’ve also added support for WordPreciousss, so if you have the plugin installed on your site, all template files can be overridden in a Child Theme without having to edit the parent theme.

I’ve also included a “global” css file called classes.css that a Child Theme will inherit. The css file have support for the new css classes for aligning images and text in WordPress 2.5+. This way you don’t have to remember to add them to your Child Theme’s style.css.

Download Basic2Col 3.1.1

The forums is not working properly

The forums on this site is not working properly for the moment, as WP 2.6 don’t play along well with bbPress.

So until I find a solution feel free to email me if you have any problems, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

WordPreciousss 3.1b is out

WordPreciousss 3.1b is out and has some bug fixes and some new features.

If you’re upgrading from version 3.0 it’s really just to upload the new files so they overwrite the old once. Also see the install and upgrade instructs.

So what’s new?

Precious Skinner included

WordPreciousss 3.1 should make it even easier for you to customize themes as Precious Skinner is (yet again) included in the main plugin.

This means that if you find it troublesome to create Child Theme or want to keep a Theme’s default style and just add styles , you can create a Skin instead.

And all Skins can have template files as well, which you can upload directly to a skin’s root directory inside WordPress.

I’ve also included six skins in WordPreciousss’ default theme (Precious), so you can get an idea of how to use the skinner feature.

Theme Switcher Widget

WordPreciousss 3.1b comes with a theme switcher widget which you can use to let your visitors decide what theme to use to view your site.

If you use pretty permalinks on your site, the visitor are redirected to the page or post their on when switching themes.

Note: The theme switcher widget will not show up on WPMU powered sites. - This is because it doesn’t respect the $allowed_themes variable.
WordPreciousss 3.1b is out continued

Creating WordPress Child Themes

A Child Theme in WordPress is simply a “style only” Theme, and is easily made by adding Template: themefolder to your style’s header.

The basics of creating a Child Theme

If you want to create a Child Theme to Basic2Col your style.css header will turn out:

Theme Name: My theme
Theme URI: http://mysite.tld/
Description: My Basic2col Child Theme
Version: 1.0
Author: Me
Author URI: http://mysite.tld/
Tags: Child Theme
Template: basic2col

As you see the last line says: Template: basic2col. This will tell WordPress that your theme will use Basic2Col’s template files instead of having their own.

Other files you can add (by default) to your Child Theme is functions.php and screenshot.jpg/png/gif.

If you want to add other template files to a Child Theme and make them override the template files of the Parent Theme, you need to have the WordPreciousss plugin installed on your site.
Creating WordPress Child Themes continued

New free blog hosting service: MiniBlog It!

MiniBlog ScreenShot I’ve set up a new free blog hosting service called MiniBlog It!.

What MiniBlog It! has to offer is free mini blogs, which is suitable for everyone who wants more writing options than Twitter, but less than a real blog.

The site uses a heavily hacked version of the Prologue Theme, and I’ve created several colour schemas, added in some plugins, made the write post form’s textarea a little bigger to make it work as I wanted.

I’ve also made it possible to post to Twitter if you use that service, using Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin - but you need to activate it to make use of it.

Anyway, if you want a free MiniBlog to post random ideas, doings and messages, you can get one at MiniBlog It!

My own MiniBlog is here if you’d like to take a look at it ;-)

Custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss

(I know I wrote yesterday I’ll take a blogging break but I got an email on this topic, so I think it’s better to write a post about it).

Custom page templates

In WordPreciousss 3.0 you can have global custom page templates, but to make use of them there’s two things you need to do.

  1. Custom page templates need to have the file name page-name.php
  2. To use the custom page template on a page you need to use the custom fields:
    key = page_template, value = name (name is the same a page-name.php)

In the default package of WordPreciousss you’ll find three custom page templates in the directory /templates/myown/:

  • page-links.php - for a link page
  • page-archives.php - for a archive page
  • page-search.php - for a quick search page included with tagcloud and search form

If you copy these to /templates/precious they will apply to all themes on your site. The custom page templates can be overwritten in a theme by creating a file with the same name. And you may create custom page templates that applies to only one theme if you like.
Custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss continued

Summer break from blogging

I’ve decided to take a summer break from blogging at WangenWeb as I have some other projects that need my attention, and I also want to spend some time to look through the outdated plugins and themes and try to update the most of them.

And last but not least the rest of my familiy will have summer break too, so I’m not sure how much computer time I’ll have.

How long the summer break will last, I’m not sure. But August might be a good time to come back.

Of course you can grab the feed to the site to make sure you don’t miss anything ;-)

I will drop by the forums from time to time, and I’ll try to answer all emails as soon as possible.