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WangenWeb Weekly Digest 32/08 - Summer edition

WangenWeb Weekly Digest comes out every week that has been an update on WangenWeb. If you not want to subscribe to all posts you may subscribe the Weekly Digest to keep yourself updated.
This is the Summer edition of WangenWeb Weekly Digest.
This summer on WangenWeb
I started the summer with announcing I would take a blogging break, [...]

Theme update: Basic2Col 3.1.1

Basic2Col has been updated to version 3.1.1, and this version has better support for creating Child Themes to customize it, and there’s several files you can override without any special plugins.
But I’ve also added support for WordPreciousss, so if you have the plugin installed on your site, all template files can be overridden in a [...]

Basic2Col: Using an image for header

Ever since I launched Basic2Col in March 2006, people have asked me how to replace the headertext with a banner, - and still make it link to home.
The latest version of the theme (3.0.x) let you do exactly that, and what you need to do is:

Upload the image you want to use to /wp-content/themes/basic2col/gfx
Open style.css [...]