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Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta 2

This is really just a small update on Precious Skinner 2.0, but it’s makes sure you can add a comments.php file to your skin(s) without using any template tags.
Download: Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta2
This is still just a beta, and it’s needs some more testing and playing with code.
I’ve also written an info page on the [...]

Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta Release

Precious Skinner was a previous a part of WordPreciousss, but as a lot of thinking I’ve decided to launch this as separate plugin.
Things you should know before downloading Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta:
Precious Skinner is a modified version of the Skinner Plugin, and your should really head over to Windy Road and donate some money [...]