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Plugin Update: WP Contact Form III v. 1.6.2b

Version 1.6.2b of WP Contact Form III is a security update, and I encourage everyone who use the plugin to upgrade.
Download WP Contact Form III 1.6.2b
The new version of the plugin requires at least WordPress 2.6, so while you’re at it you can upgrade to WP 2.6.1 as well
I really hope I’ve fixed [...]

WordPreciouss 3.1.1 and themes for WordPreciousss

Version 3.1.1 of WordPreciousss is really just a bugfix of WordPreciousss v. 3.1b, so if you don’t have any trouble with 3.1b there’s no need to upgrade.
To upgrade from 3.0 or 3.1b it’s just to unzip and overwrite the old files. Also see Install & Upgrading WordPreciousss.

Plugin Update: WP Contact Form III

As promised: Version 1.6 of WP Contact Form III is released.
Download: WP Contact Form III
If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, you need to delete the old directory first, as file names has been changed and some files has been deleted.
If the upgrade is from version 1.5 to 1.6 you should reset the options before [...]

Plugin update: Better Language Management

I’ve made a small update to Better Language Management to make it work with any versions for WordPress.
Download version 1.2

Changed hard coded language path to LANGDIR