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WordPreciousss 3.1b is out

WordPreciousss 3.1b is out and has some bug fixes and some new features.


If you’re upgrading from version 3.0 it’s really just to upload the new files so they overwrite the old once. Also see the install and upgrade instructs.
So what’s new?
Precious Skinner included
WordPreciousss 3.1 should make it even easier for you to customize themes [...]

Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta 2

This is really just a small update on Precious Skinner 2.0, but it’s makes sure you can add a comments.php file to your skin(s) without using any template tags.
Download: Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta2
This is still just a beta, and it’s needs some more testing and playing with code.
I’ve also written an info page on the [...]

Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta Release

Precious Skinner was a previous a part of WordPreciousss, but as a lot of thinking I’ve decided to launch this as separate plugin.
Things you should know before downloading Precious Skinner 2.0 Beta:
Precious Skinner is a modified version of the Skinner Plugin, and your should really head over to Windy Road and donate some money [...]