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Silence is golden?

As people probably have noticed it has been almost two months since I wrote anything on this blog.
The main reason is that I’ve been ill almost all autumn, so when I’ve been able to do something I had to try to catch up with school-work.
So I just have to blog when I find time [...]

“As soon as possible”

This is just a message to everyone who send me email etc. :
I’m trying to answer as soon as possible; but this might take a little longer that “right away” these days with school and all.
I hope people understand.

WangenWeb Weekly Digest 32/08 - Summer edition

WangenWeb Weekly Digest comes out every week that has been an update on WangenWeb. If you not want to subscribe to all posts you may subscribe the Weekly Digest to keep yourself updated.
This is the Summer edition of WangenWeb Weekly Digest.
This summer on WangenWeb
I started the summer with announcing I would take a blogging break, [...]

The forums has been reinstalled

I’ve reinstalled the forums, so now you can get help with my plugins, themes and WordPreciousss online again.
I’ve also included a support forum for MiniBlog It!, as I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain more than one support forum.
Visit WangenWeb forums

The forums is not working properly

The forums on this site is not working properly for the moment, as WP 2.6 don’t play along well with bbPress.
So until I find a solution feel free to email me if you have any problems, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Building WangenWeb Part 2: Adding general content

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Building WangenWeb
After you have made your blog secret and safe, it’s time to add content to it.
The reason for adding content before picking/ creating a theme and adding plugins, is that you don’t know what kind of design that will suit your site, or which [...]

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (22/08)

Well, it’s Sunday again, an it’s time for this week’s digest at WangenWeb. If you do not want to subscribe to all posts, feel free to subscribe to the digest instead.
This week on WangenWeb

Tutorial: How to replace comments.php with another file the simple way: How plugin authors can replace comments.php with another file without telling [...]

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (21/08)

The Weekly Digest in one day late this week, as I didn’t have much time near the computer yesterday.
This week on WangenWeb

Basic2Col: Using an image for header
The most frequent asked question about the Basic2Col is how to use an image header instead of plain text, and this article tells how to do that.
Precious Skinner 2.0 [...]

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (20/08)

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This week on WangenWeb

Plugin Update: WP Contact Form III
Page added: Support info - WangenWeb has now forums where you can get help.

This week’s Web Treasures

WordPressMU News: WordPressMU 1.5.1 is out:
I think everyone [...]

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (19/08)

This is the very first edition of WangenWeb Weekly Digest, which will be posted every week on Sundays.
If you do not want to subscribe to the entire site, you can just subscribe to the Digest.
This week on WangenWeb

First post: Introduction to WangenWeb: Code is Magic
- A little about what WangenWeb is going to be about, [...]