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The future of WordPreciousss

As one of the main functions of WordPreciousss is coming in WordPress 2.7 (allowing template files in Child Themes), I’ve decided to break the plugin up into smaller plugins and one theme (to rule them all (??)).
The plugin has a lot of code that easily can be redone to smaller plugins; you can have the [...]

WordPreciousss’ loop templates

WordPreciousss’ loop templates is a special feature with WordPreciousss, and you can look on them as mini-templates that you may include in normal template files for your theme or skin.
The feature is a legacy from WordPreciousss as a theme and was kept to make it easier to create a basic theme and to create normal [...]

WangenWeb Weekly Digest 32/08 - Summer edition

WangenWeb Weekly Digest comes out every week that has been an update on WangenWeb. If you not want to subscribe to all posts you may subscribe the Weekly Digest to keep yourself updated.
This is the Summer edition of WangenWeb Weekly Digest.
This summer on WangenWeb
I started the summer with announcing I would take a blogging break, [...]

The forums has been reinstalled

I’ve reinstalled the forums, so now you can get help with my plugins, themes and WordPreciousss online again.
I’ve also included a support forum for MiniBlog It!, as I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain more than one support forum.
Visit WangenWeb forums

Plugin only package of WordPreciousss

I’ve created a plugin only package of WordPreciousss, which can be used when you don’t want or don’t need a global template set.
The plugin only package can also be useful if you rather want to create your own global template set, instead of those coming with the full package of WordPreciousss.
And last but [...]

WordPreciouss 3.1.1 and themes for WordPreciousss

Version 3.1.1 of WordPreciousss is really just a bugfix of WordPreciousss v. 3.1b, so if you don’t have any trouble with 3.1b there’s no need to upgrade.
To upgrade from 3.0 or 3.1b it’s just to unzip and overwrite the old files. Also see Install & Upgrading WordPreciousss.

Adding support for WordPreciousss in normal WordPress themes

If you are a Theme Author or you just want to use the benefits of WordPreciousss in a normal WordPress theme, there are some basic things you need to do to add support for the plugin:

Support for overriding header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php
Adding support for overriding misc. template files
Renaming your custom page templates
Adding support for Precious [...]

WordPreciousss 3.1b is out

WordPreciousss 3.1b is out and has some bug fixes and some new features.


If you’re upgrading from version 3.0 it’s really just to upload the new files so they overwrite the old once. Also see the install and upgrade instructs.
So what’s new?
Precious Skinner included
WordPreciousss 3.1 should make it even easier for you to customize themes [...]

Custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss

How to use custom page- and single templates in WordPreciousss

WangenWeb Weekly Digest (24/08) - Special Edition: WordPreciousss 3.0 is out

This week’s weekly digest is a special edition as I’m proud to present WordPreciousss 3.0.
I’ve worked on this edition since Marsh this year, and as already mention earlier this week there’s a lot of changes between 2.1.3 and 3.0 as it’s a total rewrite of the plugin.
The most important changes are:

Ability to have several [...]