These instructs assume you’ve already downloaded WordPreciousss 3.0.x to your computer

Normal Install

  1. Unzip wordpreciousss(version).zip and upload the content of the wordpreciousss folder to /wp-content

    This should leave you with a structure like:
    - /plugins/wordpreciousss.php
    - /plugins/wordpreciousss/
    - /plugins/wordpreciousss/languages/
    - /templates/
    - /templates/precious/
    - /templates/myown/
    - /themes/precious/

  2. Log into your blog and activate the plugin “WordPreciousss”

Installation of plugin only version (3.1.1 -> )

  1. Unzip wordpreciousss(version) and upload wordpreciousss.php and /wordpreciousss to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Log into your blog and activate the plugin “WordPreciousss”

Note: You should use the alternative version of the theme Precious if use the plugin only version.

Installation on WPMU

Rename “plugins” to mu-plugins before uploading

Upgrading (3.0 -> )

  1. Delete /templates/precious if you use the global templates on your site
  2. Upload the all the new files

Upgrading from 2.1.x to 3.1.x

It’s important that you follow these steps when upgrading from WordPreciousss 2.1.x to 3.1.x

  1. Change your theme to WordPress Default under Design and deactivate WordPreciousss under Plugins
  2. Backup: /wp-content/theme-base/ by downloading it to your computer
  3. Delete:
    • /wp-content/theme-base/
    • /wp-content/plugins/wordpreciousss.php
    • /wp-content/plugins/wordpreciousss/
  4. Install WordPreciousss 3.1.1 the normal way
  5. Upload the files in you have in /theme-base to /wp-content/templates/myown/ - except:
    • /gfx/
    • /css/
    • /lang/
    • /myown/

    If you have added any files to /theme-base/myown/ you need to upload them to the root of /wp-content/templates/myown/

    If you have any additional language files /theme-base/lang/ you should upload them to wp-content/plugins/wordpreciousss/languages/

  6. If you haven’t used any deprecated template tags in your theme:
    rename /wp-content/templates/myown/incs to /includes and add contentheader.php and contentfooter.php to the new folder.

    If you have used deprecated functions:
    Move /incs to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/

  7. Log in to your blog and activate WordPreciousss, together with changing your design back to the (WordPreciousss Powered) theme you used