At this page you’ll find the old versions of WordPreciousss. Please be aware of that WordPreciousss started out as a theme, and was later on remade into a plugin.

I only offer support on WordPreciousss version 1.5 (theme), 2.0 (theme) and 2.1.3 (plugin) so if you decide to use any other version, you are on your own.

WordPreciousss as a plugin

WordPreciouss 3.x

Note: version 3.0 don’t have Precious Skinner included.

WordPreciousss 2.1.x

Note: version 2.1 and 2.1.1 have the plugins Precious Skinner and Precious Widgets included. The default theme Precious also have several skins include in these two versions.

In the 2.1.x series the global template folder is called “theme-base” and you have only one option for the “MYOWN” constant, which is a folder called /myown you need to create in wp-content.

WordPreciousss as a theme

These versions are WordPreciousss as a theme with extended theme functions. You can not use these together with the plugin.

WordPreciousss 2.0

Release date: January 15. 2008

This was the last version of WordPreciousss as a theme. It acts almost like the plugin, but you need to add Template: precious to the header of style.css to make any precious themes to work.


WordPreciousss 1.5

Release date: December 29. 2007

This package holds everything that was made for WordPreciousss1.5 including all skins and language files.



  1. Unzip and upload the “precious15″ folder to wp-content/themes/
  2. Log in to your blog and go to presentation and activate the theme
  3. That’s it

Older theme versions

These are the older public releases of wordpreciousss, and are a bit “use on your own risk/ amusement”.