This is an overview over the template files you can use and create when setting up your theme using WordPreciousss 3.0.x+, without touching the core files. The files you add to your theme’s directory will override the defaults located in /wp-content/templates/precious/

The files can also be added to whatever directory in /templates/myown to create your own global template set.

The template files listed here are in addition to normal theme templates.

All files need to added to a directory with the same name in your theme as they are set by default; to override the default /includes/searchform.php you need to put you custom searchform.php in a directory called /includes in your theme’s folder.

Normal template files should always be added in the root directory of your theme.

In a skin all template files can be added to the root directory of the skin.

Template files in [] are not included in the default template set, but you can create without having to add any extra code.
T - Theme only
S - Skin only


  • blog.php
  • [page-name.php] - custom page template, loads if you use custom key = page_template and value = name on pages
  • [single-name.php]- custom single template, loads if you use custom key = single_template and value = name on posts
  • themecredits.php - T
  • skincredits.php - S



  • contentfooter.php
  • contentheader.php
  • accessnav.php
  • archive-headers.php
  • commentstatus.php
  • footer-credits.php
  • postmeta.php
  • searchform.php
  • tagcloud.php
  • [subpages.php]
  • [pagemeta.php]
  • [navbar.php]