In this section you’ll find Themes and Template packages (for WordPreciousss 3.1.x) special made for WordPreciousss. This means that they won’t work without WordPreciousss being installed and activated on your site.

Installing Themes

Installing a theme for WordPreciousss is just like installing a normal WordPress theme:

  1. Unzip the theme package and upload the [theme-name] directory to wp-content/themes/
  2. Log into your blog and go to Presentation/ Design and activate the theme

Installing Template Sets

(This is a feature for WordPreciousss 3.1.x)

  1. Unzip the template package and upload the [template-name] directory to wp-content/templates/
  2. Find the theme(s) you want to use the template package for, then open or create functions.php and add on the very top of the file*:
    function my_template_files() {
    	return get_precious_root() . '/template_name/index.html';
    function my_template_uri() {
    	return get_precious_root_uri() . '/template_name/index.html';
    add_filter('myown_template', 'my_template_files');
    add_filter('myown_template_uri', 'my_template_uri');

*All template packages comes with a theme with the same name that you can use as a Parent Theme so you don’t have to worry about the php codes.