These plugins and themes are outdated and was made for WordPress 2.0.x - 2.3.x, so they may not work with newer versions for WordPress or WordPressMU.

I do not offer support on outdated themes and plugins, so you are on your own if you decide to use any of this.


These plugins are installed the normal way:

  1. unzip and upload the /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Log into your blog and go to Plugins to activate

Better Language Management

Made for: WordPress 2.0. - 2.5.1

Better Language Management is a plugin that let you easily upgrade and store all language (.mo) files in one folder. Plugins and Themes needs to use load_betterlang_textdomain('domain'); instead of the defaults to make it work.

Download: Better Language Management

My Dashboard Feeds

Made for: WordPress 2.1 - 2.3

This plugin let’s you customize your dashboard feeds inside WordPress


Made for: WordPress 2.1 - 2.3

This is a widget you can use with both with Simple Tagging and Simple Tags, and it will show related posts in your sidebar, but only on your pages and single posts.

This can be good if you want related posts to show in you sidebar instead of the post itself. - The widget will not work if you uses a theme that don’t show any sidebar on single posts (like kubrick/wp default theme) or pages.

Download: Simple Tag(ging) Related Posts Widgets


The themes should installed the normal way:

  1. unzip and upload the /wp-content/themes/
  2. Log into your blog and go to Presentation/ Design and activate

Note: These themes might show up as themes for WordPreciousss - and they might be updated some time in the future.

The One Ring 1.1

The One Ring ScreenshotThis is light on dark one column theme Lord of the Rings inspired theme, made for WP 2.1/2.2. This is the public edition of the theme used on NatseCorma. The theme might be a little buggy in IE as it uses .png images.

Download: The One Ring (The One Ring demo)

Less is Purple 2.0

Less is Purple ScreenshotA light rounded corner, fixed width theme. It got some bugs with the upper corners in some browsers.

Download: Less is Purple (Less is Purple Demo)

Purple Sky 1.0.3

Purple Sky ScreenshotA minimalistic purple two column theme, with light contentbox and the rest dark purple.

Download: Purple Sky (Purple Sky demo)

WinterDay 1.0.2

WinterDay ScreenShotA light three column theme, with “winterly” colours.

Download: WinterDay (WinterDay Demo)


These themes and plugins are for WordPressMU only. The plugins should go in the wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory.

MU Admin Theme

Made for: WPMU 1.1 - 1.3

MU Admin Theme is a plugin for WPMU that let you customize the look of your Admin area and your login screen.

The plugin is based on MyCSS for MU by Suleiman which he usually bundles with his other MU Plugins like WPMU Avatar Pack, and BM Custom Login by Ben Gillbanks.

Download:Admin Theme for WPMU

Alternative: WPMUDEV.

The current css file (mu-admin.css) is rather simple and uses shades of grey. I did it like this because I just wanted to give you a starting point. You may edit the file under Site Admin -> Admin CSS.

I’ve also included some images for a custom login screen in the package and you may check out Ben Gillbanks examples as well, including his post Wordpress tips and tricks - custom login page.

For other images you can take a peak into your wp-admin/images/ folder. If you create any new, you can/ should upload them to the image folder included with the plugin. This way you won’t override them when upgrading your site.

Simple Dashboard Feeds

Made for: WPMU 1.3


This is a very simple plugin to customize your Dashboard feeds on you wpmu install. “Simple” means you have to edit it to get the feeds you want.

I’ve added in the defaults so it’s easy for you to see what goes where. So edit, save and upload to mu-plugins.

You can also edit your global admin footer text with this plugin, just edit in* the line //add_filter('admin_footer_text','mu_admin_footer_text'); to make it work.

*”edit in” means removing the two slashed //

Download from Simple Dashboard Feeds

BasicMU theme

BasicMU is a theme to be used on your homeblog only, and was created to give you a starting point in “How to I show updated blogs on my WPMU site’s home page?” and “How can I add a login form in my sidebar?”.

Do not offer this theme to your normal users. Do not use this theme if you do not know how to assign a theme to only one blog on your WPMU site.

BasicMU was made for WPMU 1.0

Download: BasicMU

BasicMU Reloaded

The same as BasicMU, just with skinning options. Based on WordPreciousss (theme) 1.5. Can not be used together with WordPreciousss (any version).

(And again, now with em:) Do not offer this theme to your normal users. Do not use this theme if you do not know how to assign a theme to only one blog on your WPMU site.

Download: BasicMU Reloaded.