WP Contact Form III is a simple contactform based on Ryan Duff’s WP Contact Form and Doug Karr’s challenge (antispam) mod for Ryan’s original form.

What I’ve added (here’s where the “III” comes in..) is giving your visitors the option to specify the subject of their email and easy customization.

The look of form can be customized by creating a my-style.css that will override the default.

If you’d like to translate this plugin you’ll find a .pot file in the language folder.

The form works with WPMU, but need to be installed the normal way.

Special credits: Fredrik Wärnsberg for security fix

For a demo on the form see my contact page


  1. Unzip the zip file and upload the entire wp-contact-form-iii subdirectory to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Log into your blog and activate the plugin
  3. Go to Options -> Contact Form III to configure everything like email address and antispam question
  4. Create a Page or a Post where you want the contact form to be and insert [ contactform ] (without the spaces!)


If you’re upgrading from an earlier version:

  1. Delete your current wp-contact-form-iii directory in wp-content/plugins/
  2. Upload the new

If you’re upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6+ go to Options -> Contact Form III and reset your settings before upgrading.


If you want to customize the look of the form, simply create a stylesheet called mystyle.css, add your preferred styling and upload it wp-content/plugins/wp-contact-form-iii

Notes / Issues

If you add a mystyle.css to the plugins directory it will be used instead of the default styling.

The form don’t work on Yahoo! hosting, don’t ask me why, ask them..

If you have trouble inserting the contact form in a page or post try to use HTML view

If this wasn’t the contact form you were looking for there’s like ten thousand others around so at least one of them should fit your needs.

The anti-spam question don’t protect you against human spammers (unless you come up with a brilliant but easy question like the question that gives the answer to life, the universe and everything)

Languages/ Translations

All .mo files should go in /wp-contact-form-iii/languages/